Protect Your Vision, Save your Sight

January is Glaucoma Awareness month. Glaucoma is a progressive disease of the eye due to increased pressure in the eye leading to damage of the optic nerve and blindness. The good news is that early detection and treatment can prevent blindness.

If you are over age 55 it is important to get an eye exam at least every 2 years, annually if you have other health issues such as diabetes. Your eye doctor will dilate the pupil of the eye to check for glaucoma and other eye diseases. If you have a relative with glaucoma, diabetes, are over the age of 40 or have had an eye injury you may be at greater risk for developing glaucoma. See an eye doctor for a complete eye exam to protect your sight.

More information is available on the Glaucoma Research Foundation website:

Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley is also here to help. Call 860-767-0186

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