We’ve all heard heaps of information about nutrition and, the fact is, eating well is one of the most basic practices we can do to give ourselves vitality, strength and continuing health.

Balanced and mindful eating leads to better sleep, more energy for everyday activities, proper digestion and healthy weight, and improves our ability to fend off illnesses with a strong immune system. But what if you don’t feel like eating? What if you have a hard time shopping and cooking those healthy foods? What if nothing tastes the way it used to because your tastebuds are older and less sensitive!

Finding a buddy to shop with can mean the difference between getting what you need versus getting what’s available at the nearest store. Maybe you can find someone to shop with you every week to make sure the fridge is stocked with fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables, easy to prepare/reheat meats like a roasted chicken, and a few treats like fresh muffins and bread.

Talk with your friends about new ways to season your food without overusing salt. Salt causes your cells to retain fluid and many older people get into trouble with swelling in their legs and feet, and fluid in their lungs. Think about planning group meals once in a while to inspire you, and enjoy the company! Often, your community centers offer opportunities for cooking and sharing meals
And keep moving! Being upright and walking, even around your home, does wonders for your bone joints and your digestive system. If you can’t stay up for long, get up every couple of hours and move around for as long as you can. Drinking water or non-caffeinated drinks (about 2 liters per day) helps digestion and movement in the bowels. Plus, physical activity may help your appetite!

Spring is coming, and with it the promise of fresh foods, getting outdoors, and spending time with friends and family. Be well, be creative, and give yourself the gift of good eating!