Healthy Summer Eating


Family gatherings, celebrations, picnics, and BBQs all mean tempting foods to eat that may not be part of a healthy diet. Picnics often mean high calorie food choices with creamy dressings, chips and high fat meats.  There are ways you can enjoy food and the party without straying too far from a healthy eating pattern. Try these healthy additions to your outdoor BBQ. Chunks of fruit such as watermelon, strawberries, kiwi and pineapple on skewers look pretty and appetizing! Replace sugary drinks with ice tea mixed with blended raspberries or peaches. Try hummus or yogurt- based dips with cut up veggies. Maybe a turkey or veggie burger will hit the spot instead of a hamburger or hotdog. Eating the rainbow of colors in fresh produce will help you stay healthy and strong to enjoy summer fun!  Be well!

Visit What’s Cooking at USDA for healthy recipes.

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