Health and Wellness Resolutions

Happy New Year! Now that the parties have ended, the decorations are put away; it is time to focus on health and wellness. What New Year’s resolutions have you made? Many people resolve to lose weight, stop smoking, or exercise more often. The Church Health Center’s Model for Healthy Living identifies seven key areas of daily living that when balanced make us whole. The seven areas include; faith life, movement, medical, work, emotional, nutrition and friends & family. Awareness of health promotion and disease prevention can help us stay well and balance mind, body and spirit. Check out national health observances for each month at . Keep informed and be well.

National Health Observances January 2016
National Blood Donor Month: Blood donations are typically low in January due to the cold weather and the seasonal flu, but the need is still there for blood products. Visit the website for the location of local blood drives.
Thyroid Awareness Month: : The thyroid hormones help your body stay warm, and keep all the body organs working properly.
Birth Defects Prevention Month: The theme for 2016 is “Making Healthy Choices to Prevent Birth Defects – Make a PACT for Prevention.”
Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: Make sure to consult your doctor about a PAP and HPV screening
Family Fit Lifestyle month & Healthy Weight Awareness Month: Resources are available at
Glaucoma Awareness Month: Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness. The best way to protect your vision is to get regular eye exams and early treatment if needed.
Financial Wellness Month: better time to evaluate your financial well-being than now!
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Deborah Ringen MSN, RN-BC Faith Community Nurse

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