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Flu Prevention 101: Be Prepared!

We have all heard that getting the flu vaccine is the number one method for prevention of infection from the flu virus. Infection control basics are also common sense methods of preventing the spread of illness.

Starting with the advice we all heard from our mothers… WASH YOUR HANDS!! Simply touching a surface like a telephone, computer keyboard, door knob or grocery cart contaminated by someone who has the flu can spread the virus. Viruses then pass from your hand to your nose or mouth. Keep your hands away from your face and mouth!

The flu is also spread if someone around you coughs or sneezes. The virus is spread through the air and enters your body through your nose or mouth. When you cough or sneeze cover your mouth with your elbow or your upper arm instead of your hand.


Visiting Nurses of the lower Valley has Flu Shot Clinics throughout the shoreline, check the listing below for the location that fits your schedule or stop by our office:

Oct. 5       10am- 12n        Essex Court – Main St. Centerbrook

Oct. 5       2-4pm              Essex Library – 33 West Ave., Essex

Oct. 6       10a-12n            Essex Savings Bank  – 35 Plains Rd., Essex

Oct. 7        2-4 pm           Madison Congregational Church – 26  Meetinghouse Lane, Madison

Oct. 11       2-4pm            St Lawrence Church  – 7 Hemlock Dr., Killingworth

Oct. 12      1 -3 pm          East Haddam Senior Center – 15 Great Hillwood Rd., Moodus

Oct. 13      4– 6pm         Deep River Congregational Church  – 1 Church St., Deep River

Oct. 16   11:30a- 12:30pm   Shoreline Unitarian Universalist  – 297 Boston Post Rd, Madison

Oct. 19      10 – 12          Kirtland Commons – 60 Main St., Deep River 

Oct. 19      4-6pm           Essex Congregational Church – 6 Methodist Hill Rd., Essex

Oct. 20      4-6pm          United Church of Chester – 59 W. Main St., Chester

Oct 26   12:30-2:30pm    Deep River Library – 150 Main St., Deep River

Oct. 27      4-6pm           St John’s Episcopal Church 400 Main St., Niantic

Nov. 7   11 – 1:30pm     Estuary  – 220 Main St., Old Saybrook 

Nov. 16      4-6pm          Essex Congregational Church – 6 Methodist Hill Rd., Essex

Can’t make it to a clinic, stop by the office anytime!

Monday thru Friday, 8am – 4pm!

Cost:  $40, Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross, ConnectiCare & Aetna accepted  

Please bring your card

Ages 16 and up only

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