Eating Right Bite by Bite | March National Nutriton month

March is National Nutrition Month®. It is a good time to focus on eating a variety of healthy foods to improve our physical and emotional health.  Healthy eating is part of an overall wellness program that includes physical activity, and rest.  Changing our thinking from dieting to healthy eating can help promote small improvements in wellbeing.  Often it is overwhelming to consider following “a diet” we feel deprived and unhappy.  By focusing on adding healthy routines, more fruits, vegetables and whole grains we can be more successful.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Eat Right® campaign offers the following tips:

  • Focus on foods packed with vitamins and minerals, fiber and lean protein
  • Eat all the colors in the rainbow: broccoli, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, tomatoes and berries
  • Change your thinking from “good” or “bad” foods to “nutrient-rich” foods
  • Check nutrition labels to make sure foods are low in saturated fats
  • Read nutrition labels for sodium content, eat less than 2,300milligrams daily

Find out more at     and    Eat Right®

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