Do you know what vaccines you need?

A recent national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that most U.S. adults are not even aware that they need vaccines throughout their lives to protect against serious diseases like pertussis, hepatitis, shingles, and pneumococcal disease. Some vaccines you received as a child may require a booster, and as you get older, there may be other diseases you are at increased risk for based on your job, where you travel, and other factors.

Each year, thousands of adults needlessly suffer, are hospitalized, and even die from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. If you’re living with a chronic condition like heart disease, asthma or COPD, diabetes getting vaccinated is even more important because these conditions and other chronic diseases can make it harder for you to fight off certain illnesses like the flu or increase your risk of serious complications from certain illnesses such as pneumonia. Some vaccine-preventable disease, like flu, can even increase the risk of an exacerbation of your condition.

Talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional to make sure you have all the vaccines you need.

Generally it is recommended that adults get:

Flu vaccine every year to protect against seasonal flu

Pneumococcal vaccines to protect against serious pneumococcal diseases

In addition, all adults need:

Tdap vaccine to protect against whooping cough and tetanus

Zoster vaccine to protect against shingles if you are 60 years and older

People with diabetes are encouraged to get the Hepatitis B series vaccination to prevent Hepatitis B.

You may also need other vaccines based on your age, health conditions, occupation, and other factors. The CDC offers a short quiz at to help determine which vaccines are recommended for you. For more information about adult vaccines, visit

Call Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley at 860-767-0186 for information. Flu shot clinic locations will be posted this fall.

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