Celebrate Fruits and Veggies!

There are over 200 varieties of fresh, ripe, juicy and delicious fruits and vegetables to choose from. They include all the colors of the rainbow! All the wonderful colors provide natural vitamins and minerals along with essential fiber which improves health. Eating fruits and vegetables can be easy to do. Try fresh, frozen and canned varieties. Children and adults alike benefit from a crunchy, craving satisfying carrot or celery stick dipped in light ranch dressing or peanut butter. Surprise your loved one with plain yogurt and diced fruit for breakfast or lunch; make them guess what fruit is hiding in the yogurt. It helps to take a little bit of time weekly to pre-cut fruits and vegetables so they are handy when you get home from work and feel those hunger pangs.  Remember the simple rule of thumb; make fruits and veggies half of what you put on your plate and you will improve your health day by day.

Find helpful recipes to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet at fruits and veggies

A healthy diet can also help prevent illness. So as the kids go back to school and viruses start to appear, eat all the colors of the rainbow and wash your hands often to stay fit and healthy.

Prevent flu this season, get your flu shot.  Local Flu shot clinics will be posted soon under  Events


Eat the colors of the rainbow they are good for your heart!

Eat the colors of the rainbow they are good for your heart!

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