Be Prepared for Summer

Summer is near; the kids are looking forward to summer vacation, soon many will travel and experience outdoor activities. It is a good time to make sure that your family is ready to be “Safe for Life.” The National Safety Council offers many tips for improving safety in our everyday life. Focus on a different safety topic each week and be prepared to stay safe this summer!

Week 1: Stand Ready to Respond

  •       Learn CPR and first aid
  •       Check your emergency preparedness kit and restock expired supplies
  •       Check smoke detectors
  •       Design an emergency escape plan in case of fire
  •       Keep emergency numbers handy

Week 2: Be Healthy

  •       Make sure your doctor knows all the medications you take even over the counter                               supplements to avoid interactions.
  •       Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water
  •       Ask for alternative pain relievers to Opioid painkillers

Week 3: Watch Out for Dangers

  •       Stay alert: DON’T TEXT WHILE WALKING
  •       Prevent falls by clearing and maintaining pathways and installing adequate lighting and                       nightlights
  •       Supervise children at all times when near water or camp fires
  •       Store toxic substances out of reach of pets and children
  •       When visiting a crowded area determine a meeting place should you get separated


Week 4: Share Roads Safely

  •                   Never use your cell phone while behind the wheel
  •                   Designate an alcohol and drug- free driver
  •                   Don’t drive when fatigued
  •                   Drive with your teens to give them plenty of practice even when they are licensed


Here are some links to more important safety information for you and your family.


Safe for Life


Call Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley with any questions,

860-767-0186, we are here to serve!

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