Be Part of the Solution: Stop Bullying

October is a month full of autumn pleasures, pumpkins, apple cider, cooler weather and beautiful colors. It is a time of change of season and routine. With a new school year our children adjust to new schedules, new classes and new routines. This can create stress in their lives. Often children are not good at voicing their feelings and concerns. It is reported that one out of every four students will be bullied this year. Bullying directly affects a student’s ability to learn. Students who are bullied often do not want to go to school. They often find it difficult to concentrate, show a decline in grades, and lose self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.  Bullying is a communitywide issue that must no longer be ignored or thought of as a rite of passage. Every child has the right to feel safe and supported.

As parents and community members, Sunday school teachers and pastors we can all work together to support the children.  Learn what you need to know about bullying at: Bullying Resources

Talk with your child; make sure your child knows:

  1. It is NOT their fault. They are not to blame.
  2. They are NOT alone. You are here to help.
  3. It is the adults’ responsibility make the bullying stop.
  4. Bullying is never okay and they have the right to be safe.
  5. No one deserves to be bullied.
  6. They deserve to be treated with respect.
  7. They have the right to feel safe at school.

Help stop bullying before it’s too late. Get informed.

October Health Observances also include:

Mental Illness Awareness Week on Oct. 2-8, join NAMI in shining a light on mental illness and replacing stigma with hope by taking the #StigmaFree pledge at NAMI Stigma Free.

National Depression Screening Day on Oct. 6, you can get a free mental health screening at Depression Screening at

National Domestic Violence Awareness Learn more about Domestic Violence

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