Are You Prepared?

This September is National Preparedness Month. The Department of Homeland Security is promoting individual and community preparedness.  The theme this year is “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.”

What can you do to be prepared? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Make a family disaster plan: Red Cross Family Disaster Plan gives you a template to follow. (
  2. Learn what disasters are likely to hit your area. Learn how you can get Wireless Emergency Alerts on your mobile device. (www.ready.go/alerts)
  3. Identify your household contacts and an out of state contact for family members to text in case the local phone systems are not working. Previous disasters have shown this often method often works.
  4. Identify the escape routes from your home.
  5. Plan a meeting place near your home in case you get separated.
  6. Learn your evacuation routes.  Decide how you can shelter in place.
  7. Make sure you consider special needs for people in your household, including pets.
  8. Prepare a disaster kit including three days of food and water for each person, flashlight, radio, medicines, pet food, and hygiene supplies, a change of clothes, blankets and small tools.
  9. Practice your plan with your family and friends.

You can learn more here:   Emergency Preparedness tips at the CDC


For more information call Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley 860-767-0186




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